Introducing TTPAY Wallet by TRUCK TRADER!

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TTPAY Wallet is a revolutionary payment method and solution specifically dedicated for online commercial vehicles marketplace in Malaysia.

TTPAY Wallet by Truck Trader is unlike other online automobiles or commercial vehicles classification sites and marketplace platforms. They don’t have a proper payment gateway solution between buyers and sellers. It was usually done by lengthy traditional payment method, involving contacting sellers for banking details, awaiting confirmation between buyers and sellers with plenty of unnecessary manual processes.

What categories TTPAY Wallet can apply to use?

TTPay Categories

Therefore, TTPAY is introduced as the simplest and the smartest way to connect and process the transactions between buyers and sellers with fast, easy and secured payment process with minimize waiting time. Just treat your TTPAY as similar as your own wallet! Inside your TTPAY account there got TTCASH and TTCREDIT! TTCASH just like your cash in your wallet, it can uses for any purchase from TruckTrader in anytime and anywhere with no charges at all!

Besides, TTPAY is the one of the simplest payment gateway solution to earn rebates and discounts! TTCREDIT allows you to not only save more money, but also get more rebates and benefits from it!

How TTPAY Wallet works?

Step 1 – Search in Truck Trader or click here!

Step 1 TTPAY

Step 2 – Sign Up your TTPAY Wallet!

Step 2 TTPAY

Step 3 – Make Deposit to activate your account!

Step 3 TTPAY

Step 4 – Start to Enjoy Instant Discount!

Step 4 TTPAY


Why use TTPAY with Truck Trader?

Why use TTPAY with Truck Trader?

Time to get your TTPAY account for FREE now while get RM10 TTCREDIT into your new TTPAY account and enjoy your INSTANT DISCOUNT on every purchase in TruckTrader!

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