Life-Size LEGO Camp Trailer that breaks Guinness World Record!

More than 200,000 LEGO Bricks involved in Build

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A team of 12 professional LEGO builders set a Guinness World Record for the “Largest Caravan built with interlocking plastic bricks” upon its unveiling at the Motorhome and Caravan Show 2015 in Birmingham, England.

While we had no idea such a record even existed, this life-size camp trailer is nonetheless very cool!

Measuring 12 feet long and more than 7 feet tall, it’s not just a piece of rolling sculpture. A fully functioning sink and running water, electric lights, a bed, seating, and even a chess set adorn the LEGO camper’s interior.

For obvious, plastic-melty reasons, the cooking implements are there for decoration only. The camper was built by Bright Bricks, a LEGO design company spearheaded by Ed Diment and Duncan Titmarsh (the United Kingdom’s only Lego Certified Professional). The project required 1,000 man hours and 215,158 plastic bricks.

As part of the record’s requirements, the trailer had to be based on a real-life caravan. In this case, a T@B teardrop camper provided the inspiration for the LEGO project. Both a real-life T@B and its LEGO counterpart will be on hand for inspection at the RV show, allowing visitors to observe the true-to-life replica.

The T@B’s pastel-colored accents look great on the LEGO model, and the interior at least looks cozy (given our experiences with stepping on LEGO, we doubt it’s actually a nice place to spend too much time).

It must be said, now that Bright Bricks has thrown down the gauntlet by building a 12-foot trailer, we have to wonder how long it’ll take someone to build a 15-footer? And can an all-LEGO fifth-wheel camper be too far away?

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