10 interesting truck facts that you might never know!

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Hi truckers and fans, we gathered 10 interesting facts about truck from fueloyal.com for you, some of you might never heard of. Feel free to share!

Trucks as a most important part of equipment in the trucking industry over the last decades have gone trough enormous upgrade and improvements and they become more and more sophisticated and every new model that hits the market bring thousands of improvements.

53 feet is the average length of semi truck, and the standard semi truck has 18 wheels!

According to The World Record, there are 447,359 truck produced in a single year is held by in 2011. 1612 yards is the World Longest Truck, it built in Australia and has 112 semi-trailers.

1896 was the year when first truck was build by German Gottlieb Daimler, which is today’s Mercedes Benz. There are 15.7 million registered trucks in USA, if all lined up could reach the moon! 98% is the emission reduction truck create over the last 15 years!

15 gallons of oil semi engines can hold. 1,000,000 miles semi engine can drive before overhaul. Besides, 70% of all goods in USA are transported by trucks!

Do you know more related facts about truck that we have missed out?! Feel free to share with us!

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