10 most popular trucker’s cat breed to bring along the road!

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Last month we mentioned that most of the truckers need a companion during the long way in trucking. We have discuss some trucker’s favourite dog breed, today we will like to discuss about cat breed! We gather some information from fueloyal.com! Let’s see!

The lifestyle that truck drivers are leading implies driving long miles on the open road, and to be sincere with you, it can get lonely from time to time. But, truckers have found out a simple solution. These days we can encounter many truck drivers who choose to bring their cat with them on the road!

In this infographic from fueloyal.com, you will have the chance to see which are trucker’s favorite breeds of cats.

    1)The Persian
    2)The Maine Coon
    3)The Exotic
    4)The Siamese
    5)The Abyssinian
    6)The Ragdoll

But why do truckers choose to drive with their four leg companions – their cats? Well, there are many reasons, among which is the most important, cats can relieve their boredom. Also, having a cat in their cab can ensure truck drivers that they have an amiable companion.

The fact that cats are clean, small, and easy to care for, makes them the best companions. Yet, there are many purebred cats, each one of them has a different personality.

Continue to the trucker’s favorite breeds of cats,

7)The Birman

8)The American Shorthair

9)The Oriental

10)The Sphynx


So, how about you?! Which will be your favourite to bring along?!

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