15 fun facts about pick up truck!

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How much do you know about America’s favorite ride? Here are some fun facts about pick up truck! Let’s check it out!

1.The first Australian ute truck was manufactured by Ford Australia in 1932.

2.By 1936, the Ford Motor Company had already produced 3 million pickup trucks and was the leader in industry sales.

3.The US government halted the production of consumer trucks during World War II.

4.Pickup trucks became a “status vehicle” in the 1950s.

5.Toyota didn’t manufacture on the US pickup market until 1965 with the Toyota Stout.

6.Pickup truck sales boomed in the 1990s thanks to dirt cheap gas prices and a flourishing economy.

7.Pickup truck popularity increased in Japan until the 1990s when SUV preference took over.

8.A pickup truck is called a “slipper” in Romania.

9.The F150 has been the best-selling pickup truck in the US over 37 years.

10.High-performance pickup trucks are considered muscle trucks, such as the Dodge Warlock or Ford F150 SVT Raptor.

11.A sport-utility truck has four doors and an open bed, derived off the sport-utility vehicle (SUV) design.

12.A four-door pickup truck is called a crew cab, double cab, or dual cab and can seat 4 to 6 people.

13.Commercial pickup trucks may be sold without a bed; a cargo-specific bed can be installed by the customer.

14.The 1973 Chevy C-10 was seen in The Terminator.

15.Back to the Future featured the popular 1985 Toyota SR5 pickup truck.


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