8 interesting facts about truck brakes!

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Truck brakes are very important part of truck’s equipment, they play key role when it comes to your safety. Therefore safety is the most important thing while you are on the road, here are some facts about brake malfunction that we should aware to avoid accidents! Check it out!

So in order for all truck drivers to stay safe, it is the best for them to pay big attention when choosing the brakes and never to forget to do the regular checks. In this IG that we designed we have provided you with some interesting facts about truck brakes.

15″ and 16.5″ is the average diameter of class 8 truck brake disc! Besides, drums are way more popular than disc brakes, 80%of the trucks in USA use drum brakes.

It takes 60 minutes to change disc brake pads which is 4 times more compare to 15 minutes required for drum pads!

$1000 per axle price is average increase if the truck has disc brakes instead of drum brakes.

250 feels is the law required maximum stopping-distance allowed for class 8 trucks in USA. On the other hand, 250,000 miles is the average truck brake life time, even seeing some good truck doubling that mileage.

Depending of the duty cycle, truck brakes can reach the heat temperature of 500 degrees.

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