How Car-Dealers response to Corona-virus

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Research stated that world auto-sales forecast will down to 15%-20% in year 2020. In China itself went down to about 90% due to this pandamic coronavirus.

So how dealers react on it, to stay survive. The new campaign will help, especially in markets that haven’t been hit as hard by the virus. However, in certain case, some buyers still not willing go to showroom and remain unmoved.

The pandemic has changed traditional vehicle sales techniques. There is few things you can do, buyers come to the showroom but ask to fill out vehicle request form and they can have vehicle viewing in the lot. Preferable not to walk into the showroom and be around other people. Stay social distance!

There is one customer called up to a dealership saying he wanted to buy a truck. So, the salesman sent a truck to the customer’s home with all quotation and paperwork prepared and lucky to closed the sale with a deposit payment. Given the circumstances, the salesman was lucky that customer agreed to meet in person at his house.

It’s unusual times. You have to do unusual things. Tell us what’s your suggestion for dealers to go through this wintry moment.

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