How to choose a suitable food truck for your business?!

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There are many types of vehicles that can be converted into a food truck, for instance lorry, bus, van and some even transformed their wagons, cars, pick-up truck or motorbikes to become a food truck!

We collected some basic steps you need to consider when choosing your choice of vehicle for food truck business! Check it out!

Choosing the Food Truck

Identify the size, type and capacity of the vehicle to suit your budget and type of business. Different kinds of vehicles bring different qualities and prices. For more information about type and price you can survey at Truck Trader website as well, it can help to simplify the process of searching in various type. Truck Trader website provide details information and price without hidden charges, which is easier and convenient for you!

Partition of the Food Truck

Plan your trucks design to accommodate your business requirement, for example, if there is a need for a freezer to be installed or the size of your gas burner. Ample space must be allocated for food preparation, cooking, servings and order/payment counter. You also can choose the type of truck body, either steel or fibre. It is highly recommended to use fibre body of the truck because it is more durable and easy to clean. The owner of the food truck must keep a close monitor during the refurbishment process of their truck to ensure it follows exactly the design proposed!

Designing the Food Truck

The interior design depends on your budget. Always remember that safety and practicality take precedence over design. The graphics painted on the body of your food truck must contain elements to promote your products. You can also use a wrap, sticker, and even marker pen as long as it suits your budget and business looks more creative, funny and beautiful.

Power Supply of Food Truck

It is advisable to use cooking gas while cooking instead of using a generator if you plan to utilise the generator for a longer time. A generator will normally be used to supply electricity for lamps, machines, freezer, coffee maker, deep frier, and oven.

Licensing for Food Truck

You must also obtain a license/permits from local authorities in the area that you want to conduct your business. Getting approval from Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) and Pusat Pemeriksaan Kenderaan Berkomputer (PUSPAKOM) is also the important element for the food truckers to run their business. It may need 3-4 months to get approval from the authorities.


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