How to speed up your truck sales through online?

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Commercial Vehicle started commercialized in Malaysia for more than 70 years. Since that, this industry receives thousand of buyers looking to buy used tractor units, vans,trucks and trailers each month. This makes it is the perfect place to post commercial vehicle listing whether you are a solo seller or a dealership.

Research stated that 85% of user prefer buy truck reviewed (Inspected) by third party instead of directly from dealers. Hence, rather then listing online only, this marketplace will help you inspect your trucks and give you a fair price based on market according to their pricing data before you go to market.

Follow our 3 easy steps and you can have your ad posted in under 1 minute.

Step 1: Enter product information such as vehicle type, make, model and year here.

Step 2: Upload your trucks grants and photos in optional which accurately represent your vehicle or trailer.

Step 3: Enter your contact details and location of your trucks.

Once your advert is published, the platform will help you find its buyers either from the dealers or direct buyers. Just wait and surprise will come!

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