Which one is your better choice?! Volvo truck or Freightliner?!

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Calling Volvo Trucks and Freightliner’s fans out there! We gathered some information to compare these two most common truck manufacturers in Class 8 field to see which is the best option for you! Check it out!

Investing $130.000 into buying a new truck and expanding a business requires a lot of courage and for that reason it is very important to choose which brand delivers most value for money invested.


Volvo is the winner of the INTERIOR, as it has nicer and visually more appealing interior. Talking about having the better interior, of course Volvo is having better LIGHTING, it has Interior LED and Ambient Lighting which will help you feel relaxed while driving.

Beisdes, the SWITCH ARRANGEMENT in Volvo is better as well, although there is not a lot of switches in the cabin, but they are tossed around and not grouped together. In addition, Volvo provides the view with MIRROR. You can turn around everything and you will get Volvo mirrors!

Last but not least, FUEL ECONOMY! Volvo is the Money Saver, 2016 models are showing the Volvo offers way better MPG consumption compared to Freightliner.


Freightliner is the King in USABILITY & SIMPLICITY, although the switch arrangement in Volvo is better, but for some drivers, it has too many buttons around the steering wheel and might be confusing to use.

Freightliner offers more smooth and better skin feel of the CLOTH & SEAT MATERIAL used in the cabin, which makes you feel like grandma home! Furthermore, Freightliner is the Capital of Sleep Country, therefore, compared to Volvo, they offer better SLEEPING MATTRESS and provides better cushion support!

If you are a big size guy you might need to consider buying Freightliner, because it offers bigger SEAT and more comfort for the tall and big trucker. Lastly, Freightliner is a Truck Whisperer. If you need piece of mind and low NOISE environment, you will just pick Freightliner.

In a nutshell, Volvo Truck and Freightliner got their own strength when compare to each other, but most important is depends on what the trucker need. If you need better interior design and fuel economy, pick Volvo! If you need to drive long haul, need comfortable seat and better sleeping environment, pick Freightliner!

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